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Val Thorens Sports Centre

Val Thorens sports centre
Val Thorens Sports Centre

Rebuilding Val Thorens Sports Centre

Val Thorens Sports Centre is being completely rebuilt from Spring 2021 to November or December 2022. During this period, the Sports Centre will be completely closed, but activities can be accessed in Les Menuires instead.

In Winter 2021-22, there will be a gym in the Forum Joseph Fontanet, at Place Péclet, Val Thorens.

The information that follows relates to the Sports Centre as it was before reconstruction, and is likely to be again afterwards.

Val Thorens Sports Centre has sports facilities, including a gym, table tennis tables, and tennis, squash and badminton courts. There's an aqua-club, with two pools, jacuzzis, saunas, and Turkish baths. For children, there's a fun park, which has trampolines and bouncy castles. The well-being club has sun beds, and offers massages and facial treatments. The new Delir'Park provides thrills and spills for the more adventurous. Read about the Val Thorens sports centre here.

Val Thorens Sports Centre: Where Is It?

Val Thorens Sports Centre is in the Galerie Caron - next door to la Piscine pizzeria and Eurospar supermarket. The Galerie Caron is to the left of place de Caron on this resort map.

Val Thorens Sports Centre: Sports Facilities

Squash players
Squash players, by pbkwee, Licence CC BY 2.0

Sports Facilities

The sports facilities are:

Val Thorens Sports Centre: Aqua-Club

Waterfall and small pool, Val Thorens Sports Centre

Aqua-Club Facilities

The aqua-club has:

There's also an outdoor terrace, in case it should be warm enough to go outside (or for those who like rolling in the snow part way through a sauna).

Children under 8 must be accompanied by an adult.

Val Thorens Sports Centre: Children's Fun Park

Children's Fun Park Facilities

The children's fun park has:

Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult.

Val Thorens Sports Centre: Well-Being Club

Massage, by Hamza Butt, Licence CC BY 2.0

Well-Being Club Facilities

The well-being club has:

What is presso-esthetique? It's aim is to drain tired or heavy legs. Your legs are wrapped in an inflatable 'blanket', which applies sequential pressure, by inflation of different parts of the blanket, to different parts of your legs - ankles, then calves, thighs, and up towards your waist. It seeks to evacuate toxins from your blood.

Val Thorens Sports Centre: Classes

Sports Classes Available

There are also various fitness classes, including step aerobics, Tai chi, body sculpting, strength training, and aqua gym. Ask at reception for the programme.

You can do a 15 minute session of Fitvibe, too, which is supervised by a coach. It's a machine with a vibration plate, that's supposed to make training much more efficient.

Val Thorens Sports Centre: Delir'Park


Delir'Park, Val Thorens sports centre
Delir'Park, by OT Val Thorens

Introduced in Winter 2017-18, the Delir'Park is a 630m2 adventure park split into four areas:

Obstacle course, Delir'Park, Val Thorens sports centre
Obstacle course at Delir'Park, by OT Val Thorens

This video gives a flavour of the Delir'Park:

Val Thorens Sports Centre: Opening Times, Phone Number, and Left Luggage Service

Winter Opening Times

The Sports Centre is open from mid-November to early May, and the exact opening dates correspond with those of the ski area.

The opening times are:

Summer Opening Times

The Summer season is from early July until the end of August. The opening times in the Summer are 0900-2100 every day. 

(In addition to the facilities mentioned above, there are 9 outdoor tennis courts in the summer).

Telephone Number

You can call the Sports Centre on + 33 479 00 00 76.

Left Luggage Service

Every Saturday, the Sports Centre offers a left luggage service from 8am to 8pm, and you can take a shower. A small fee applies.

Make the most of the facilities in Val Thorens sports centre.

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